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The government and Ofsted have identified the need for schools to improve attendance and recommend that each child should achieve 96%.  Each week we give Attendance Certificates to the classes who have achieved the highest (Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2) as well as individual certificates (and a special treat) to those pupils who improve their attendance or achieve 100% throughout the academic year. 

Mrs Natalie Reay, our Attendance Officer, is in school every Wednesday.

Please see this page for her newsletters and comments.


Information regarding our weekly attendance figures:

Letter from Natalie Reay, Attendance Officer

Week Ending 11 October

Week Ending 4 October

Week Ending 27 September

Week ending 20 September

Week Ending 13 September

FACTSHEET - Penalty notices to address poor attendance at school

Week Ending 12 July

Week Ending 5 July

Week Ending 28 June

Week Ending 21 June

Week Ending 14 June

Week Ending 7 June 2019

Week Ending 24 May

Week ending 17 May

Week Ending 10 May 2019

Week Ending 26 April 2019

Spring Term 2019

Autumn Term