Howletch Lane Primary School

Howletch Lane Primary School

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Promoting Positive Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

Promoting positive emotional health and wellbeing:

The culture at Howletch Lane Primary School promotes children’s positive emotional health and wellbeing and avoids stigma by:

  • Having a whole-school approach to promoting positive emotional health and wellbeing within an ethos of high expectations and constant support.
  • Having a committed staff community that sets a whole school culture of positive emotional health and wellbeing, support and value.
  • Having a robust regime of continuing professional development (CPD) for staff.
  • Having a change party involving children, staff, governors and parents.
  • Working closely with children, staff, parents and carers.
  • Whole school promotion of building individual resilience and tenacity through the use of learner levels in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Happy-Centred Schools curriculum completed on a weekly basis teaching skills to develop wellbeing and resilience.


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