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Phonics in Reception

Phonics at Howletch Lane Primary School

Phonics will be taught as a discrete lesson each day with pupils streamed according to their phonic ability and within their own year group. Children can move from one group to another depending on the progress they make. Planning for teaching and learning phonics at Howletch Lane Primary School acknowledges the content of the independent review of the teaching of early reading – The Rose Report March 2006 – which emphasizes the importance of systematic and high quality teaching of phonic knowledge and skills to equip children with the skills they need to read and spell words with fluency and confidence.  The ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme is taught from Reception with Jolly Phonics being used to support children in their learning. As pupils follow the scheme they learn to blend letters together to read words and identify sounds to spell words.  Children are given weekly practise in class and through reading homework using the letter combinations being taught from the appropriate phase. Children typically begin phase 2 at the start of the Reception year and will be expected to reach phase 4 by the Summer term of the Reception year. 

Your child’s class teacher will be more than happy to discuss our phonics teaching and learning with you and how your child is progressing.


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