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Durham Music Service

Durham Music Service

Please use the link below to access the Durham Music Service.  This will give you information about music lessons, payments and contracts between parents and the music service.


Commitment and encouragement

Playing an instrument takes commitment. Pupils need to bring their instrument to every lesson and will need to play regularly at home. They will need support and encouragement and there may be times when they find it difficult. Remember that they will not be able to play tunes straight away and that the early stages may not sound wonderful.

There are charges for lessons and for the hire of an instrument. They are currently:

  • Lessons - £45.00 per term
  • Hire of an instrument - £30.00 per term

For those eligible for free school meals on income grounds:

  • Lessons £32.00 per term*
  • Hire £5.00 per term*


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