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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher: Mrs H L Adair

Deputy Head:  Mr G Pinkney



Office Staff

Mrs B Reddington and Miss S Dale


Staff in EYFS

Nursery Staff: 

Mrs C Pringle (Teacher); Mrs T Barker, Mrs H Crombie & Mrs N Richardson (Support/Special Support Assistants)


Reception Staff:

Mrs J Hale & Mrs M Armstrong (Teachers)

Mrs T Scollins, Mrs D Brady, Mrs S Emerson, Miss D Hartley, Mrs J Boudari (Support/Special Support Assistants)



Year 1: Miss J Old & Mrs T Mason (Teachers)

Mrs M Arnold, Mrs T Rundle, Mrs C Ditchburn, Miss N Brown (Support/Special Support Assistants)


Year 2: Mrs E McLean & Mrs M Avery (Teachers)

Mrs F Talbot, Miss R Cheney, Mrs C Oliver, Mrs L Twitty (Support/Special Support Assistants)



Year 3: Mrs A Cowey & Mr J Snelling (Teachers) 

Miss J Hebron, Mrs J Fletcher, Mrs T Summerill (Support/Special Support Assistants)


Year 4: Mrs R Rolf & Mr I Sutherland (Teachers); Mrs G Crane, Mrs J Clow (Special Support Assistants)


Year 5: Miss E Dodds & Mr D Craig (Teachers); Mrs D Davies, Mrs J Nord (Special Support Assistants)


Year 6: Mrs M Park/Miss C Patterson, Mr R Winn & Mrs S Milne (Teachers); Miss K Morgan, (Special Support Assistant)


Support and PPA Staff:  Mrs D Sturge (HLTA) & Miss C Berry


Parent Support Advisor: Mrs Karen Harrison


Resource Base Staff: Mrs C Clymo (Resource Base Managers), Mrs G Crane HLTA

Special Support Assistants are working in classes throughout the school according to the needs of the children


Caretakers:  Mr G Linford & Mr T Davies


Cleaning Staff:  Mrs S Sinclair, Mrs C Kempthorne, Mrs E Banks, Mrs J Newby, Mrs P Bartell


Kitchen Staff: Mrs S Johnson (Cook); Mrs S Thomson; Mrs S Sinclair


Supervisory Assistants:

Mrs L Forster; Mrs M Greenfield; Mrs S Hall; Mrs C Burton; Miss N Grimwood

Miss C Kempthorne; Mrs T McKee; Mrs M D'Arcy; Mrs J Harvey; Mrs J Chisholm


Other Staff in School

Music Teachers: We have woodwind, strings and guitar teachers in school each week.


Medical/Therapy Staff:  We have regular visitors in school to deliver specialist provision to pupils with special needs e.g. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language etc.   Our school nursing sister is Mrs Wendy Goodrum who holds a 'drop-in' session each Wednesday morning for parents who would like advice on medical matters.