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Governing Body Committees

Appeals Committee

Mrs K Jones, Mrs A Moon, Ms J Robinson, Mr J Teneur, Mrs L Willis


Curriculum and Standards Committee

Mrs H Adair, , Mrs T Chester, Mrs K Jones,

 Mrs A Moon, Mrs M Park, Mr G Pinkney,

Mrs K Stevens (Chair), Mrs F Talbot


Finance and Premises Committee

Mrs H Adair,  Mrs K Jones, Mrs T Mason,

Mr M Oliver, Mr G Pinkney, Mrs Karen Stevens (Chair),  Mrs F Talbot


HT Performance Management Committee

Mrs K Jones, Mrs K Stevens,  Mrs L Willis


Pay Review (1st)

Mrs H Adair,  Mrs T Chester, Mr M Oliver, Mrs K Stevens



Mrs H Adair, Mrs S Lawson, Mr G Pinkney, Mrs Karen Stevens  (Chair), Mrs L Willis


Pupil Wellbeing

Mrs H Adair,  Mrs T Chester, Mrs A Moon,

Mrs K Stevens,  Mrs F Talbot, Mrs Lisa Willis (Chair)